SAGE II is written for Java runtime engines version 1.1 or higher. Most current browsers have a SAGE II compatible Java environment already, or a plug-in may be available.

The SAGE II website requires the use of both Java and Javascript, so be sure your browser is configured to enable both.

SAGE II utilizes cookies to configure the SAGE II java program and help you navigate our site, so your browser must also be set to accept cookies from

SAGE II and SAGE IIc operate locally on the user's browser and do not send any patient information back to the internet.

Programs or browser filters that block "popup" windows may prevent access to the SAGE programs. You may need to grant permission for this site to open new windows. This web site does not use popups for advertising.

SAGE II was designed to function with display resolution set at 800x600 or higher.

Operating Systems known to support SAGE II include:
Windows 95/98/NT/ME/WIN2000/Windows XP
PowerMac, Mac OS X
Linux (Ubuntu)

Please see the table below for specific information about your browser's compatability.

Current test results of browsers running SAGE II:
System/Browser SAGE II running w/ Native Java SAGE II running w/ Sun Java plug-in* SAGE II printing
Linux(Ubuntu) w/Firefox OK OK OK
PC w/Firefox thru 10.0.1 OK OK OK
PC w/Google Chrome (thru 17.0.963.46) OK OK OK
PC w/Mozilla 1.7* OK OK OK
PC w/Opera 7.2* OK Untested Untested
PC w/Opera 5* OK Not available Not available
PC w/Netscape 6.1-7x* OK OK OK
##PC w/Netscape 6.00/6.01 Not available Not available Not available
PC w/Netscape 4.06-4.7x OK OK OK
PC w/Netscape 3.x-4.04 Not available OK Not available**
PC w/MSIE 5.5/6x OK OK OK
PC w/MSIE 5.00 OK OK OK w/SP2***
PC w/MSIE 4.x OK~ OK ^Not available**
PC w/MSIE 3.x Not available OK~ Not available**
#Mac OS X w/Safari 2.2 OK Untested Untested
#Mac OS X(10.1) w/MSIE 5.12 OK Untested Untested
#Mac w/MSIE 4.01 OK~ Not available Not available
#Mac w/Netscape 4.0-4.51 Not available Not available Not available
#Mac w/Netscape 4.72 Untested Untested Untested

* 'T' and 'spacebar' keyboard functions currently unavailable.

*** "Service Pack 2" for Microsoft Internet Explorer v. 5.00 (MSIE) corrects this version's longstanding problem of SAGE II printouts only showing the initial blank diagram.

** see 'manually printing SAGE II on any WIN 9x box'...

~ Some javascript commands in the HTML may create errors.

^ When running native JRE, prints the inital blank SAGE II diagram, ignoring all input from the user.

## Netscape 6.0/6.01 are pre-release versions.

Mac-user note:
# Use the open-apple key with the mouse button to close polygons.

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