Most printers will print their best SAGE II diagrams when set to Landscape mode.

SAGE II diagrams can be manually printed when using older browsers. See the browser table for more browser version-specific information.

Manually printing SAGE II diagrams on any PC:
On Windows PC's, pressing the [ALT] and [PrtScreen] keys together will capture an image of the desktop's current window to the Windows clipboard. The clipboard can then be pasted into almost any graphics-capable program and printed (PowerPoint, Photoshop, MS Paint, MS Word, etc.). This means that SAGE II can be printed using a 'copy/paste/print' strategy.

For example: After using the [Alt]-[PrtScreen] keys when viewing a diagram with SAGE II, on most Windows PC's the MS Paint program can be launched by clicking the Windows [Start] button and selecting 'Programs/Accessories/Paint'...from Paint's menu select 'Edit/Paste'... when the SAGE II screen appears select 'File/Print'...and MS Paint will print your SAGE II diagram.

Browser printing issues with SAGE II:
Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 4.x-5.00 print the inital blank SAGE II diagram, ignoring all input from the user. MSIE 5.01/5.5/6 do print the current diagram as displayed. MSIE 5.01/5.5/6 are freely available for downloading from Microsoft's website.

Some print drivers behave oddly when printing SAGE diagrams. If you are experiencing problems with the printout, try using a different printer driver. I've found the generic "HP laserjet" driver, available on most Windows installations, will print SAGE II diagrams properly with many different printers.

There are three background colors available for the right information panel. Click on the background button (bottom-right) to cycle through the available colors. The different background colors allow for a range of contrasts when printing and displaying diagrams.

If you are having trouble getting SAGE II to print properly, please contact us for help. Please include the type and version of your web browser, and the printer/driver combination you are using.

We welcome all questions and feedback...
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