Storage and retrieval of SAGE II diagram files on your PC is only available when using the SAGE IIc version of the program.

For information on how to access SAGE IIc visit our SAGE IIc pages.

To save a diagram you must create it, enter a patient name, patient #, patient age, user initials, and calculate the results.

The default file name contains the patient's ID with a ".sg4" extension. SAGE II does not require strict adherence to this naming protocol and will open any file created using SAGE IIc.

Once a diagram image is saved to a file, the image cannot be altered. You can add new images to the same patient file by either cloning an existing image, or starting with a blank diagram.

To add a new diagram to an existing SAGE II file, click the [Change] button and select either "clone the selected image" or "create a blank diagram". Cloning brings a copy of the selected image forward. You can edit this new image and then save it with the previous diagrams.

To open a SAGE II file click the [Open] button and use the file dialog window to locate the stored file.

To view different images stored in the file, use the [Change] and [<] and [>] buttons to locate the desired image.


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