Deleting recent anchor points:
To un-do the last anchored point press the spacebar or click the [UnDo] button. By repeatedly pressing the spacebar, or clicking the [UnDo] button, the cursor will un-do previous anchor points all the way back to, and including, the original starting point.

Deleting painted areas:
Clicking the [Delete] button will change the cursor to a pointing finger, and allow you to select a previously painted area to delete.

Tracing the perimeter:
The tracing feature allows you to capture points along the perimeter of the body to include in your injury area. Anchor the cursor on or near the perimeter of the body - this will select the start point for the tracing. Press the 'T' key, or click the [Trace] button, and the cursor will change to a cross-hair pattern. If the cursor doesn't change and nothing happens, the last point selected was not close enough to the perimeter - select another point closer to the perimeter and try again...

To finish tracing, simply select another point along the perimeter and SAGE will automatically add all the perimeter points in between to your burn area.

As an example, to draw the entire hand area, anchor the cursor at the wrist, move across the wrist, and anchor another point on the perimeter of the wrist - like a bracelet (A). Press the [Trace] button, or 'T' key (B), move the cross-wire cursor back to the 1st side of the wrist (C), and finish the trace by pressing the left mouse button. You will see SAGE add the entire hand outline to your drawing (D). Press the right mouse button and the hand will now be displayed as completely burned (E). For a complete circumfrential burn of the hand, remember to repeat this process on both the anterior and posterior diagram for the selected hand.

One word of caution: The tracing function has its origin at the top of the head, so any traces going across the top of the head will trace ALL THE WAY AROUND THE BODY!

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