SAGE II features:
  • Freely available on the internet
  • Adult and pediatric diagrams
  • Calculates age-adjusted estimates for TBSA, partial, deep, and user-selected palettes, in % and cm^2.
  • Calculates cm^2 and % burn for 33 body areas
  • Provides Parkland fluid resuscitation estimates for TBSA > 20%
  • SAGE II and SAGE IIc operate locally on the user's browser and do not send any patient information back to the internet.

The screen is divided into two areas. The left portion of the screen is used for displaying and drawing diagrams while the right portion is used for displaying patient data and program information.

Before drawing a burn injury, You should first enter the patient's age. This allows SAGE to age-adjust body surface areas. Weight and height entries are also recommended so that SAGE can provide a modified Parkland fluid resuscitation estimate for burns > 20% and an estimate of total square centimeters. If the patient's age is 0-5 years old, SAGE will automatically switch to a pediatric diagram.

The patient's name and ID number are not necessary for creating and calculating a diagram, but are provided to help identify the patient. These fields are required entries before saving a patient diagram to a file. To create diagram files on your own PC, you must be running SAGE IIc.

Any area outside the body that is accidentally 'painted-in' will not be included in the calculations when the diagram is processed; i.e. between fingers, etc. Use of the tracing function is strongly recommended for defining burned areas at the perimeter of the diagram.

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