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American Burn Association
Information and interactive communication on burn care and related research, teaching, rehabilitation, and prevention issues.

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International Society for Burn Injuries
The ISBI mission is to disseminate knowledge and stimulate prevention in the field of burns. is dedicated in providing comprehensive, up-to-date educational tools for burn care professionals throughout the world
Una Guía Básica para Tratar Quemaduras
("A Basic Guide on how to Treat Burns")

Guía de Emergencia de las Quemaduras
Guía de "primera respuesta" en el tratamiento de las quemaduras. Concebida para personas con entrenamiento como, socoristas, paramédicos y personal en salas de urgencias.
("A guide for 'first responders' to burn Injuries. Intended for trained individuals, such as paramedics and ER personal.")

Firefighters Burn Institute
The Firefighters Burn Institute is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded by the Sacramento Area Firefighters Local 522 in 1973, for the purpose of establishing a local burn treatment facility; providing recovery programs for burn survivors; providing fire and burn prevention through public education; funding education for burn team professionals and firefighters; and supporting burn treatment and rehabilitation research.

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